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domingo, 19 de janeiro de 2014

Everything is a matter of Reference

The principle of relativity says that different frames offer visions perfectly plausible, albeit different , the same effect. Before , when my son was physically here, I saw God in him . Now I can see my son in God ! So I keep seeking Him .

Since my beloved son went to heaven I started to read the Holy Bible daily from the start, something that had never been done . Highlighted the Bible passages that refer to eternal life, suffering , hardship, loss ... Anyway , all that relates to what we went through that somehow can explain, comfort and put us closer to God .

So from now on we will include in this blog reflections on passages from the Holy Bible to clarify , through Divine illumination, and help to understand , accept , and especially strengthen the faith in God that precisely is what we need!

The stretch of today is Old Testament in Genesis : " ... Yahweh sent the word to Abraham in a vision : " Do not fear Abraham ! I am your shield, and your reward will be very great . " Genesis 15: 1-2

The word  Yahweh is a name of Hebrew origin to God. This passage caught my attention because of the strength Abraham receives through these words : " Do not be afraid ... " . Being afraid or to fear is a human response in various life situations. The thing I myself feared most in life was to lose a child and that was exactly what happened! My fear was worthless! . So to fear is unnecessary .

The important thing is to face all situations with the strength of God that he gives us  when He says : . " ... I am your shield " The shield protects , prevents to receives the impact from the front. That is to say: face that I will protect you , I'll be in front of you.

And goes on to say : . " ... Your reward will be very great " Our greatest reward will the reunion with our beloved children ! God knows that. And this reunion, we place our hope, with faith in His promises.

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