Yesterday by Iel

domingo, 26 de abril de 2015

I have changed

Now that I felt the pain that has no name
I have changed, I am not the same.

I do not worry to attend events just to please people
Disagreements or material losses do not bother
I do not get involved in earthly things discussions
And I think even funny
how people waste time with silly discussions
how can anyone be devastated because
gained weight, her dress torn, the account password blocked

Now I felt the pain that has no name
I have changed, I am freer
Few things disturb me
Every morning I give my life, my children, my family and friends
In the hands of God and I have no more trouble.

Everyone always tries to do things right
But now I understand that not everything we command
So I live quiet
And when the longing hits and mistreats
I pray to God and to my angel son to help me and give me peace back

I have really changed, I now belong to heaven and earth
I gave up to understand why my son left so early
I have assumed the pain that has no name
And with that authority I try to help other mothers and fathers
Who feel the same pain

That’s Amazing
Our children gave us another life
Worse, but different.
Today we know well what is important and what is not
What worth our tears and what is not worth

No longer pretend joy and deal with sadness
Seek to strengthen faith and thus feel strong
I like to be by myself and never feel alone
I have an angel with me forever!

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