Yesterday by Iel

terça-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2013

Numerous possibilities

With so many smaller challenges and the greatest of all challenges one can face, there are some alternatives : we can give up  silencing ,  unconcerned , disapproving God and ourselves , or we can continue, maybe not so open, confident and happy as before but go on living, fulfilling the mission , discovering paths and waging daily battles .
I chose to pursue. " No matter the size of our problem, but the way we see and face " pg . 48 , Augusto Cury , in Master Sensitivity , Sextant , 2006.
Time moves forward, not back , and do not forgive . But one thing is for sure : who was, always  has been and will always be ! And when the longing is not revolt, is just the proof that what we had lived in was worth it!
So I keep on cultivating my eternal hero who lives in me and with me, but I'm tired of being a martyr . As Drummond says in the poem Happy New Look: " Cry of pain, loneliness and sadness is part of being human. No use fighting it ... The great thing is to live each moment as if it is the recipe for happiness here and now . "
I wish that 2014 be generous in wisdom for all of us .

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