Yesterday by Iel

terça-feira, 15 de outubro de 2013

One more signal

Dear Friends, Today is a year and six months since my beloved son, my firstborn, Daniel Rubio Carvalho Barbosa, went to heaven. I woke up desolate, sad and crying a lot. I made my prayer of surrender to the Father, got up, washed my tears, wear a shirt that has the face of my son Iel on it and went out looking for a church here in Belém, state of Pará,  where I came to visit my daughter and to participate in the Cirio de Nazaré, which is a great event of faith in  Brazil. On the way I was thinking about my beloved son and how he would be today ... On the way back I walked into a newsstand and came across a book whose title was "playing chess with the angels." I got it as a message from him to me. That's what he's doing in heaven with the angels playing chess! He is one of them and play chess was what he most loved to do here! I'm better. Especially because of the cute messages for Teacher's Day I had received from dear students. Kisses for everyone.

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