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domingo, 10 de junho de 2018

Rationally, no regrets

I never thought that thinking about what attitudes are rational or not would give awards.
But that's exactly what happened in 2017. Nobel laureate economist Richard Thaler has studied for years decisions that slip by.
According to economic theory people rationally aim to maximize their satisfaction and always want more and the best for themselves.
This axiom of economic theory is easily violated when we are a mother: we always choose in any situation to maximize the satisfaction of our children to the detriment of our own and we always want more and better for our children. We stand in the background with joy.
Do you want proof? Any one of us would be able to give a leg, an arm, any other organ, or our own life for our children, if there was such an opportunity.
According to the definition of rationality, such decisions are illogical and foolish, because they move away from reason and from rationality.
Dan Ariely, another current success author in the area of ​​behavior, would certainly call such irrational attitudes, judging by the title of his famous book "Predictably Irrational."
Mothers, predictably, always choose the best for their children. But was this irrational?
Definitely not! There is a logic behind these predictable choices in favor of children. It is possible that the justification is in biological or psychological factors, after all children came from their mothers or were chosen by them (in case of adoption). It does not matter: the preference of mothers (and most parents) for their children, irrespective of schooling, income or any other factor, is perfectly rational.
I'm sure that all mothers and fathers who read this blog regularly would have choices like this: contrary to the expectations of so-called rationality. Some young would also give their lives for their parents. This was tested in a question asked in a research questionnaire to students of a university. More than 65% of the students responded by being able to give their own lives for their parents.
Surprised? Yes! Irrational? No! This is a choice based on values ​​not captured by mathematical models, but completely rational.
Therefore, it makes no sense to cultivate feelings of regret or guilt. If what had occurred could be avoided, it would have been, within our rationality.

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