Yesterday by Iel

sábado, 11 de fevereiro de 2017

Constant Decision

I remember those rainy days
I feel dripping with impotence because I cannot make time come back
I remember the cookies I used to prepare
From the din of food and the smell of grass
I still smell the same wet grass
Drenched as my heart

But today I miss and the desire to live those days again
Today's decision is to be happy to have lived those days
And so live the rain of today and others to come
Life is a constant decision
And I decide to wipe my heart.
Feel the drops and the smell of the grass

I decide rationally to enjoy this day
And to enjoy is not to stay watching the time pass
It is pass realizing the beautiful simplicity
And believe that who I love lives with me
Simply live and follow as long as God wants.

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