Yesterday by Iel

domingo, 13 de novembro de 2016

Fruit Salad

I discovered that life is really a fruit salad
Sometimes green sometimes mature
Some sweet other sour
Life can be delicious as a salad
But for this you have to approve the mix,
Accept the sorrel and emphasize the sweet taste.

I have learned a lot.
I know now that although you only plant and expect the good and the best
Sometimes your gain the unexpected and unwanted
Even so, it is necessary to live and enjoy the now

Increasingly I recognize the race against time
And time can not be wasted
It is preferable to waste money
Because waste for some can be the dream of others

I realized that the greatest pain is deception
And that losses bring pain directly proportional to stolen dreams
Today I know that the biggest challenge is to deal with the unexpected
With the point off the curve
And that the most rational remedy is to keep the faith
Do not lose joy, hope and believe in the mission that each one received
To promote life and live in peace
And peace is the greatest gift that our Father has left us and we should seek

Today is what we have, is the salad that was left over from yesterday.
Tomorrow can not even have salada at all ...

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