Yesterday by Iel

sábado, 14 de maio de 2016

There will always be a new beginning

Beginning is always the start of something new
It may be a new one does not want.
No one wanted anything new or a fresh start like this
It was not our choice, it's just what we got

The decision now is how to face the beginning ... and live with it.
I do not like this new, but rather what I had.
I do not appreciate this new beginning.
So I have revolted many times. That was not what I wanted,
not as I thought and nor what I planned and expected

Found amid anger that my revolt decision
Was dead and feeding the evil in me
There is not what I wanted, thought, planned and expected
I returned, other than I was in all but love

The daily decision is how to face the new life
I did not want, did not think, not planned nor expected
I have chosen to believe that one day we will meet again
I thank Jesus for his promises that support me

Every new day I look in the mirror and tell me:
Hey, you, live in peace! And so I start again ...
And stand the pain. Even on a Sunday, 15th.

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