Yesterday by Iel

sábado, 12 de março de 2016

Is that true?

The question “Is that true” hurts, still hurts my ears.
and made me again search for arguments
And almost made me wonder: Is that true?
Will is doubt ...

I, you and so many others, have no doubt
But one, only one is unchangeable: love
This never leaves doubt.
It exists and will exist forever
True love is not "eternal while it lasts" as said
The Brazilian poet Vinicius de Morais.
It is simply eternal!

I personally believe that the soul is like love: forever.
But about that you may ask is that true?
I also believe that I will see my son in eternity.
But on this you can also ask is that true?
Ibelieve in the promises of Jesus. So I chose the path of peace

Who has questions, I believe, does not find peace.
Do you think the farewell was the end point.
For some like me, in fact, was the end point
But that way and of those moments
Other forms and other times will come.
To think so is necessary to have faith and act rationally
This is the least painful way. A Hope path

If you decided to follow another path. I will ask God for you.
Your path will be harder. More land.
Yet if you believe in God, I think you should thank Him for
the immense gift of having known something infinite and full like love

Stephen Hawking, the famous physicist and atheist recently gave the following
advice to his children: If you know love, do not give it up!
My friend, I told that your loved one, who had just left,
would always be with you.
Please don’t have more doubts:
your love for him(her) will always be with you!

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