Yesterday by Iel

sábado, 30 de agosto de 2014

Mysteries which we live

I feel things and see signs
For those who do not know what we have been through
This is unreal or is in the field of coincidences
So not worth commenting
But the truth is that the connections
Between us and those we love never ends
Because is eternal and too strong to be endless

I meet regularly with a small group
Mothers I like to call "friends of pain and love."
We get along great and we talk about these signs
and messages that always visit us:
is a butterfly that insists on passing in front of our eyes,
a bird in an unusual place, a smell of roses ...
a very significant dream, an inexplicable call and many more things.

Sounds kind we lost our mind
but we know it is not!
Surprising and inexplicable things exist
And not everything is fully explained
Because science itself has limits
We managed to see a small part of the universe
and of the invisible particles that are around us

Just as when we hear a radio and watch TV
We are tuned by waves and satellites
Waves and other dimensions that we can not perceive
Must exist even though we can not prove or understand
simply because as well as science,
our mind also has limits.

After crucified the disciples received several signals
As attested in Mark 16: 14-15:
"Then the disciples went out and preached everywhere. The Lord helped them, and by the signs that accompanied, proved that their teaching was true. "
We also receive signs and because of our children
Today we're sure we experience the love as deep as God's own by us
Because as He we would give our lives for our children.

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