Yesterday by Iel

segunda-feira, 15 de maio de 2017

Every mother is a risk lover.

Being a mother means taking risks
Risk of not being able to maintain pregnancy
Risk of dying at childbirth
Risk of having an unhealthy child ...

Being a mother is also to accept certainties
Certainties that take her out of the comfort zone
As to spend sleepless nights
Worry about diseases
Teach and care always
Even if the child does not want to

But this, all mothers already knows and accepts
The challenge is the risk
Risk of suffering
Risk of facing what was not wanted
And the biggest of them all: the risk of presencing the departure

This is indescribable
And represents the greatest pain anyone can experience.
Even so the prize of having a child is so great
That any risk compensates
To have a son or a daughther is to obtain enormous grace
So we deserve congratulations, forever

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