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segunda-feira, 27 de novembro de 2017

The sense of life

We are envious of children, not pecause of their age but because they find meaning in life!
God has a plan for each of us just as every parent has a plan for their children and wants to see them happy. But if and so it is, why did I suffer the premature departure of my son? It's the question that does not want to shut up. Another question might answer: Why do parents send children to school? They would certainly rather stay at home and play.
That is why we must always ask: What does God want from me?
We carry in us the gift of being able to be happy because even what is missing is part of God's plans.
Do you remember the parable of the talents? Talent is a coin that equals approximately $ 2,000.00 (two thousand dollars). So even the one who received only 1 talent received a lot! Sense: we must make yield what God has given us! In the parable the one who received 5 talents, profit another 5, that is to say it profited 100%. The one who received 2 talents earned a further 2, also profited 100%. That is, it does not matter if you received a lot or little, what matters is make it yield! And that is the meaning of life!
What has happened to us can be the meaning of our lives! Who received little is the same as someone who says: I do not hurt anyone. But this is too little! The parable servant who received only one talent buried him and placed the blame on the Lord. But it is not the lord's fault but the servant's laziness! One day we will give back to God what we have received: life. But for now we have to make it work. Our Lady profied her life despite everything she went through. We have to find meaning in everything we do.

Time is a gift and pass quickly! I must render what I have and prepare myself for the embrace with God, not letting me overcome by disappointments and having humility to get up. All of us and those who left before us are united because each of us carries the gift of being happy forever. But sometimes we do not know the way to heaven and we need to recalculate the route. The saints, who are our models, were born, fought and went to heaven (they won!). Everyone in this life is born, suffers and dies! We, who have faith, must: be born, strive and die in the certainty of eternal life.

Text based on the preaching of Father Milton Ferreroni, Priest of Opus Dei, 11/11/2017

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