Yesterday by Iel

sábado, 25 de outubro de 2014

Mothers of yesterday

I've been thinking about the mothers of Brazil.
In the 1940s they had in average about 6 children.
In rural areas it was not unusual to find families with 10 children.
Many departed early.
For lack of medical care, inadequate nutrition
and serious diseases.
Not infrequently parents watched the departure of several children.

And they kept on living, working, trying ...
I think the attitude was different,
Faith should be higher because the resignation was bigger.
Brave people from the rural areas of my country.
Warrior people who despite much regret
Did not use to blame and still believed.

Very wise were these mothers of yesterday
passively accepted
passively lived
Sought to understand
But understood much more than I do
That we should continue to live and believe

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