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domingo, 11 de maio de 2014

Only moms know

I always had a deep admiration for mothers:
Starting with Our Lady
She had a difficult mission
As we all have mothers
With one major difference:
When She accepted and gave thanks for the Son conceived
She knew that Her mission would be difficult and painful

Normal mothers, as we are always have something of Virgin Mary
Acceptance of difficulties and diseases
And especially love ...

That's part of being a mother
I always knew that because of my mom,
myself and for being such characteristics
common also in other mothers I know and met

Who has these characteristics is mother!
What defines a mother therefore is not beget a son
And yes surrender, accept, engage and love

But something has made ​​me increasingly fond of Mothers:
Mothers never lose children
Always find some way
Because for us kids are always alive and close by

And that only a mom knows ...!

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