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segunda-feira, 21 de abril de 2014

He is the way

People seek paths, ways of understanding, ways of living ...
Crave recognition and wealth, seek a hollow happiness.
It seems so obvious but it is difficult to understand the simplicity that is in our power
 and that was given to us by love.

Every year repeats Easter, Happy Easter wishes ,
words that speak of rebirth , films that show the life of Jesus.
I always watched and always believed but I think in a superficial way .
I now understand God's message in a greater level of depth.

Jesus is indeed our salvation ,
You may think you’ve heard many times, as I so often thought .
But He is our salvation because if was not Him?
Dying would be dying, would mean only entering into a hole
and disappearing forever ...

But because of Him it is NOT that way!
Dying is not to die it is to live in another life .
And when this new life happen?
Well, if accepted in life, whom you love is already with God
and therefore has a happy life!

And we crying here ...
For what? Why?
We do cry many times for longing , it is true .
But if we cry and grieve too much there are only two possibilities:
Either we do not to believe or it is a matter of forgetfulness
We should remember  the dialogue between Jesus and the Good thief . He promised :
"Today you will be with me in paradise."

So them, our loves, we believe, are already with Him in paradise !
They live again with the best company ever!
So they live and still live here until our race is completed.

Reading from the Bible: "In peace I lie down and fall asleep soon, because you alone O Lord, make me live in peace" Psalm 4

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